FITclimbing is the first App with a systematic workout database. It has an optional heart rate tracking system and is individually customizable for training programs.

It was originally an idea to analyze when a training program was effective. After a period of training, it was very hard to measure the effectiveness of a program. Cutting out technique, tactics, and mindset is impossible when it comes to climbing. So the question was how to prove the physical impact.

We took existing methods of assessment and analysis out of other, upper body, anaerobic demanding and high intensive sports. Heart rate zone registration was one of them and we applied it to all levels of sports climbers. Man and woman in all age groups.

We know now what limits the performance of the forearms and when your anaerobic threshold level is expecting to cause forearm muscle failure. The next question addresses our solution for most sports climbers:

Witch training method is most effective to the energy system a person uses the most of the time with sports climbing? The answer is high-intensity interval training. Shortly named HIIT.

With this in mind, we collected climbing training data during a period of 4 years. Analyzing it with our knowledge of sports science. This has proved to us the factors of successful training programs and workouts. HIIT schedules and the use of heart rate monitoring seemed a useful combination.

The outcome is amazingly simple: the best training to climb better is climbing!

One of the few scientifically proven facts is that climbing training must, in any case, consist of varying grip shapes and sizes during every climbing training. That is why we choose only to intervene in your climbing routine by handing out a HIIT scheme. The best training is simple and fun to do.

The FITclimbing method is on your tail in two ways: HIIT schemes leave no room for self-chosen moments of rest and the non-linear programming in the app makes it unpredictable what the impact of the HIIT will be at the particular training in a week. Never a dull moment with FITclimbing!

Our UX designer guarantees, with clear icons, that everyone understands which intensity is required during the workouts. With the optional use of heart rate monitoring you are 100% sure of intensity indication. Otherwise, you have to rely on your experience and the amount of sweat in your shirt!

I look forward to welcoming you to the FITclimbing online club.

Happy training!

Michel Kleinjan | FITclimbing |

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Fitclimbing is made with ❤️ for the sport.

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