About FITclimbing


 FITclimbing is all about chaining and make progression build on a solid base. Our proven path to optimal climbing training.

Chaining is frequently used for training behavioral sequences (or “chains”) that are beyond the current repertoire of the learner. The term is often credited to the work of B.F. Skinner, an American psychologist working at Harvard University in the 1930’s.

We believe these elements are the missing links in most of the climbing training routines. A lot of times strength training in climbing ends up in only specific strength training without a solid base of general strength with injuries as a result. And training endurance and power endurance most of the time are done without enough training load and optimal recovery times.

Based on this and on looking at existing methods of training in other, upper body, anaerobic demanding and high intensive sports, we build the FITclimbing workouts to train strength and endurance and power endurance. Workouts which you can start with on your own level and easily chain from one workout to the next to make progression.

We didn’t invent a complete new way of training. We just looked to how other sports(wo)men are training and the knowledge that a well developed aerobic foundation will be more receptive to the loads imposed by specific power and muscular endurance training.

THE workouts in our app are only physical training programs. That doesn’t mean that we do not find mental training, technique etc. important. You can perfectly integrate mental, technical and tactical goals in your workouts.

So unlock your full performance potential and prevent injuries. Build a solid base and chain at your own pace for having a lifetime injury free (poor) and balanced climbing life. So start with FITclimbing and start training!

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