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Planning of training

The advantage of planning.

In this article:

1) Workouts
2) Mindset
3) Goal setting


Tip 1: Workout. Integrate workout routines.
With training, you have a pre-set goal and a plan how to get to that goal.
Differ between a fun evening to your favorite gym and a training session.

Tip 2: Mindset. Integrate training mindsets
To make a clear difference between a fun climbing evening and a training session.
My advice doing that with a conscious mindset for your training sessions.

Tip 3: Integrate goal setting
Integrating workouts into your weekly routine means setting a clear goal for that week and sticking to the plan to reach that goal.

A sample workout routine could be:

Workout: a high-intensity interval training workout for 60 minutes on my onsight level.

Mindset: I do the workout in one push of 60 minutes with no interruptions.

Goal: do this on the first night of the week in my home bouldering gym.

Plan: repeat this workout routine 3 weeks in a month for 3 months in a row.

Results: with this plan I want to top a onsight boulder one level higher after those 3 months.

Keep in mind: The simple road to success is usually shorter!

We can help.
With the FITclimbing app, members can choose the right training workouts and plan them in their agenda to keep track off their progress.
It works!

For a free one-week demonstration fill in the form below and get access to the FITclimbing app.
We will send you a code to make a demo account. Have a great training next week!

Happy training!

Michel Kleinjan | FITclimbing |

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